MBTI as a Writing Tool

One of the many challenges of writing a story is coming up with believable and well developed characters. MBTI, also known as Myers Briggs Personality Typing, can help.

For me, I started typing my characters just for fun. I would go online and answer one of the tests as my character would have answered the questions. As I started doing this more often, I found that it really allowed me to get inside their head. This is especially helpful if you are writing from a first person perspective.

With all the posts and articles online that describe each type, you can learn a lot about your character, consequently making them easier to write about. It can help you find their like and dislikes, what they would likely do in a given situation, their interactions with people, and even some of their thought processes.

Another reason typing your characters is so great is that it can help you populate your story. Typing characters showed me that one of my series was being overrun by xNTxs and that I needed to add more variety so that it wouldn’t get stale.

Populating your story with many different Types is a good idea to flesh it out and make it more interesting. Besides, you’ll get a lot of interesting conversations between characters.

If you know that you need (or want) another character in your story, knowing nothing else about them, you can go browse through the types and choose one to put into the story.

MBTI can also keep you from making every single one of your villains an INTJ. Just the same, it will help you to keep a variety of personalities among your main characters.

That’s all for now, have fun typing your characters!

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