Written? Kitten!

For a while I was only writing stories in Open Office or Word. But recently, when I was researching NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo survival kits, I discovered something called Written? Kitten! which is a writing tool that works by rewarding your writing with a picture of a kitten.

Here is a better description of the website.

Written? Kitten! allows you to write on the website and it keeps track of the amount of words you type. When you reach a certain number (100, 200, 500, or 1000) of your choosing, you are rewarded with a new picture taken off the internet of either a kitten, bunny, or puppy.

Not only this, but depending on your computer’s settings, it can save your writing (automatically) so the next time you open the website, it is still there. You can also copy and paste it periodically into a document, which is recommended.

Written? Kitten! works through rewarding, unlike the writing tool Write or Die. (The link leads to Write or Die 2 and a purchase, the real one seems to be a download.)

I haven’t tried the hardcore Write or Die, yet.


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