Getting Inspired (Or How to Get a Plot When you are Stumped)

It used to be virtually impossible for me to come up with plots. I would have an amazing character, then have to figure out a problem to put them through. But now, I have nearly more ideas than I can handle. It’s quite nice to have a whole basket of ideas to choose from when I want to write. So I have composed a list of some of the ways story ideas come to me.

–Listening to music

I’ve gotten at least two books from listening to music. Even if you don’t get an idea for a full plot or character, you may get plot points.


This might sound odd. But if you go and search for writing prompts and writing prompt images you can find some very good things. This is a big one for me. Some idea for search terms: Fantasy, Art, Sci-fi, Horror.

You can search literally anything you want.

Also, what I like to do on this is to leave the previous person’s comments on the pin. I will add any I have in parenthesis. After all, maybe someone else’s comment will spark an idea in your mind.

Even if you are a guy who thinks Pinterest is for girls, I suggest getting yourself an account for writing.

–Carry a notebook

I know this is something you probably hear all the time. And, if you are like me, you don’t want to because it sounds a bit cumbersome and just plain annoying. However, there is no rule on your having to have a large notebook. I prefer to use a small composition book, but if you have a smartphone, there are a lot of notebook apps that you could use.

–What if?

Train yourself to recognize this thought every time it occurs. A situation playing out in any different way is a plot. The world working in a different way is one, too.

I find myself thinking ‘What if?’ during movies very often, I let my imagination run with it, and get some ideas with potential.

This happened once as I was reading my science textbook.

–Change of Location

Go outside, or go to a new room. Even go the library, it could freshen your mind up.

–People watching

Where is that person going? Why are they dressed like that? I wonder if they are married? Do they have family?

Any of these questions and more could give you some ideas.

My thing about writing is really, don’t force it. If you force it,it will sound forced. Wait a bit, step away, or go get yourself some inspiration. Then return to your writing.

What are some ways that you get inspired?


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