Thoughts on Disney’s Big Hero 6

5 Stars

So I just got back a few moments ago from the theatre where I saw, you guessed it, Big Hero 6.

Without spoiling the movie, I will say that it was great, and I may have liked it better than Frozen. However, I never loved Frozen quite as much as everyone else, I was only swept up in the hype. Perhaps I like BH6 more because it wasn’t a fantasy, I’m honestly not quite sure why. It was very, very good. Frozen, in my opinion, was more light-hearted. But that might just be me.

I can compare Baymax to Olaf, as the funny companion. However, where Olaf was (mostly) comic relief, Baymax definitely had a purpose. Baymax was hilarious, and multiple times I actually laughed. Here is a hint of Baymax:

Big Hero 6. And for some reason, I find this part really funny! One of my favorite parts of the movie

Hiro (our character) told Baymax to pretend that they had been at school. But cut the poor robot some slack; his battery was running low.

I really will have trouble saying anything more without spoilers. So look out, read any more at your own risk!

I’ll start out here with the plot. I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing. I only watched one trailer, and that was weeks before the movie was even in theatres.

Basically, Hiro, who graduated high school at age 13, wants to attend the same college as his brother Tadashi, because one of the professors is a famous robotics scientist. And robotics is Hiro’s thing. He had been participating in illegal robot fights.

To get into said college, you need to present a ‘science project’ at an event. If it is very, very impressive, you may get an invitation to enroll. Hiro comes up with microbots, a million tiny robots that link together and create anything you desire. And they are controlled telepathically, with a device you wear around your head.

Hiro gets his invitation, but soon finds out that his bots were stolen, all but one.  So he goes after the guy, to retrieve his bots.

Usually, I am not affected by death in movies. I mean, if I like the character, I may be depressed for a bit, but I’m never actually sad.

I was very unhappy when Tadashi (Hiro’s older brother) dies. I mean, He dies, Callagan dies, Abigail dies, Baymax dies. Everyone else ‘resurrects’ (not literally), but Tadashi stays dead. He was the perfect sibling, and I really loved his relationship with Hiro.

There was this little girl in the theatre behind my friend and I, crying that Baymax had died.

Baymax is a healthcare robot. In Hiro’s words, a robot nurse. His only purpose is to help people, which already makes him lovable. Baymax was great, all he wanted to do was make Hiro feel better over the death of his brother. When Hiro’s microbot was trying to go somewhere, Baymax asked if he figured out where it was going if Hiro would feel better. Hiro, thinking the microbot was broken, and wanting Baymax to be quiet at the time, said yes.

And so begins a chase of a giant marshmallow robot down  the busy streets of the city.

Hiro is great too. He is a little cunning, thought that really doesn’t’ show up much. An example of this is the robot fight in the beginning of the movie. He appears on the scene, a innocent, terrified child clutching a rather wimpy robot which he ‘made himself’. They all laughed at him, but when he said that he had money, they shut up and let him fight. He lost in a second. Asking for another try, he offered up more money. He won with ease.

His determination and intelligence made him a character I enjoyed watching immensely. However, he still has his faults, like when he instructed Baymax to destroy the man in the mask.

I really enjoyed some of the fight sequences, and just watching the microbots was entertaining enough.

Believe it or not, I didn’t particularly like the villain. Which is disappointing, because he looked so amazing and promising in the gifs I saw online. I know that Disney villains don’t necessarily have developed backstory or any lovable qualities, but I found BH6’s antagonist….lame. Don’t get me wrong, he was certainly good at being a villain, but I found that his motives were not exciting. He was a bit of a letdown.

I found the rest of the characters likable. The main five went to the college Hiro so desperately wanted to get into. I love how they were nerds, but were not people you would ever classify as nerds. There was the super girly Honey Lemon, the dorky Fred, tough Gogo Tomago, the safety conscious Wasabi, and then Hiro, who is (in appearance) relatively average. They are superheros who are made superheros by their inventions, not by superpowers.

I found the movie to be engaging, and I plan to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

I find that after sitting on a story for a while, my true opinion of it comes out, do you?

I prefer this to Frozen, though they are truly so different that it is unfair to compare them. For one thing, Frozen is classic Disney princess musical. And while I don’t think BH6 will build up the same hype that Frozen did, or gain nearly as much possibility, I stand by my opinion.

I want to tell you all that I have nothing against Frozen, and this review may make it seem like I do. No, I thoroughly enjoyed Frozen, but it was just in a completely different way. Frozen was a complete feel good, and BH6 was something that I am not quite sure how to describe.


I thought I had too may gifs when these were in the main review, but I liked these and wanted to post them.

image Behold, the villain with the stolen microbots.

  And Gogo Tomago.


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