Book Review: Andy Smithson ~ Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved it, and will be participating in the upcoming book tour for book 3, Disgrace of the Unicorn’s Honor. You can expect reviews of book 2, and the third Book on October 20th, during the tour.
For now, here is the review of book 1.

Blast of the Dragon's Fury (Andy Smithson, #1)5 Stars

  I received a copy of this book from the authorin exchange for an honest review.

     I loved it! I always find it hard to review books withoutgiving spoilers, and I want to talk about my favorite parts now! I will do my best to refrain from it.

Andy Smithson is home doing the dishes when all of a sudden he is magically transported to the Land of Oomaldee, surprising himself, as well as the King and his magician, Mermin (Who happens to be related to Merlin). They have no idea why Andy is there, and Andy himself surely doesn’t know. So he stays in this land while they try to figure out how to send him back. Then they discover the reason for his being there….

     Oomaldee is a land where pegusi are used in competitions, much like a horse would be today. They have horses too, but pegusi are more fun. It is a land where the King wears a black T-shirt and jeans, and people eat cereal and toast for breakfast. Sometimes a Cartesian (Someone from the land of Carta, often in possession of brightly colored hair) will live in Oomaldee, with the unfortunately prejudiced people there. And also inhabiting this land is the occasional servant with arms reaching nearly to the ground.

     If that doesn’t make you want to read this,it should. 

     Somehow, the Land of Oomaldee was believable, even with all it (fun!) differences form the real world.

There are little mysteries set up in the beginning that you don’t truly find out about until later in the story, such as a surprise trunk in an attic, or a special sword.

     While on the subject of surprises, this book is full of them! Every few chapters something would happen, something that you hadn’t expected, but that makes the book all the better for it.

     Onto to plot itself, loved it. It solved the problem which it introduced, but not so perfectly that there is no room for a sequel. In fact, there are many sequels coming, which I cannot wait to read. 

I found it easy to be swept away with this book, and it makes me want to go to Oomaldee. Especially to that festival…..

     If you’re still wondering whether or not you should read this book, I tell you that you need to. This wonderfully crafted, engaging book will please lovers of any genre.

In fact, its free Kindle edition. Get it, read it, love it. 🙂

(I was not asked by the author to share the link, but I will anyways)


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