Book Review ~ The Scarlet Letter ~ By: Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter 5 Stars

   Something about me feels as though I really shouldn’t like this book, due to the premise of it and all. But it was much better than I though. A story of a crime of passion, agonizing regret, and attempts to make up for one’s misdeeds. 
     Other than this, it was incredibly well written. There was a lot of description, and though this is part of what made the book so fantastic, at parts I zoned out, since I was listening to it as an audiobook. The description wasn’t always to paint of picture of the scenery, it was to describe how the people were feeling, they were descriptions of pain and agony. They were quite lovely, really.
     Strangely enough, I found the characters likable, except for Pearl, who was often described as an elfish child, or demon offspring, and for very good reason. She was the result of her mother’s sin, and was often talked about as such, and her unpleasant nature was due to her origins, which was an interesting thing to think about.
     I didn’t have much of a prediction on how it was going to end, but when it did it surprised me. I think I like the ending, but I can’t say much else about it, for though it’s a classic I still feel as if I’ll spoil it, which is not something I like to do. 😉
     Anyways, I really loved this book. If it is required reading, don’t dread it, because it is great! Even though I may be in the minority with this opinion.

I really loved this book.

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