Hardcovers Vs Paperbacks…

       I was reading a new hardcover book today, and the book jacket was bothering me.
      I decided to blog about my opinions about Paperbacks Vs Hardbacks. Whether I want a book in hardback or paperback really defers with the width of said book. I usually like hardcovers better, but I don’t like the book jackets. I always take them off when I’m reading the book. The jackets also can get damaged easily, torn or wet. Paperbacks can also have their covers damaged easily which is, in my opinion, worse. If a paperback’s cover tears off, there is nothing left protecting the pages inside.
      Hardbacks are much more durable than paperbacks, but they are heavier. Paperbacks are much better for transportation, since they weigh a significant amount less than a book with a hard cover. You can also bend these in half when your reading, so you can only see one page, if that’s something you like to do with books.
      I love hard covers for books 200 pages or over. Paperbacks are my preferred form for novellas. If I want to bring books along with me on vacation, I’ll use my Kindle. However, my ultimate favorite is when you can find a hardcover book without a book jacket. One with the image imprinted on the cover. It won’t get damaged as easily as a paperback or a jacket. Plus, I love the way the cover feels when I rub my hand over it.
     What is your preference? I’d love to know!

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